By Luke Batson

Purpose and History

Purpose- The initial intent of Twitter was just looking for a way to send text messages from their cell phones.

This differs from the other giant of social media, Facebook, where its initial purpose was so students at Harvard could talk to each other.

History- Twitter's name was inspired by its definition of "A short burst of inconsequential information" and "A series of chirps of birds". Twitter was to help Businesses grow and expand out to the people.

The history of Snapchat differs from Twitter in that Snapchat was created purely for entertainment purposes and nothing else.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Twitter has many positive attributes that help people in many ways. With one source, Twitter helps spread the news to millions of people where people in America can see the news in England. Also, Twitter can be a essential tool for people to express their opinions. Twitter is also a great way to communicate with people by using Direct Message(DM). By using DMs, Twitter has also become a sort-of meeting people website. This is where the term "Slide into your DMs" comes from.

Cons: Though Twitter has many positives about it, there is a negative side to it. Twitter gives people the ability to express themselves freely which includes bashing on people. This can create a lot of conflict and tension between people. On another note, Twitter can be also be a place full of rejection, specifically referencing DMs. People use DMs as a form of a dating website almost. However, the rejection rate of Twitter DMs has been extremely high for the past couple of years, as seen in the graph.

Personal Relevance

I have used twitter since my freshman year of high school and have never been displeased with it. It provides as a good source of entertainment and fun. However I would say a negative to the website is that when i lived the single life, using Twitter as a way to meet the females is about as useless as using a cat to clean your car.

I have surveyed my family members, who have been constant Twitter users, and asked them what they thought of the website. My sister's response was that she liked Twitter for that it was a good way for her to keep up with her friends across the nation. My other sister gave a negative response in that she said people are quick to judge others and develop opinions with no further knowledge into the subject.

Safety, Tips, and Netiquette

When it comes to the dangers of social media, Twitter has to be the mine field of them. To avoid confrontational interactions, make sure you never post anything that'll offend anyone. Though it may be a joke, if a million people saw it, would all of them think it would be funny too? Probably not. Also, make sure you never post a picture of yourself participating in any activity that can be viewed as a misdemeanor. If anyone can look at the photo, anyone can use it against you. A good example of this happened a few years ago to a Boyd football student, his senior year. This Boyd student had a picture taken of him at a party, where in the photo a clear picture of a Keystone light can is in the background. Since this was against MISD's zero tolerance policy, the Boyd senior was forced to sit out the first three games of the football season his senior year. The Boyd senior was completely devastated by this and couldn't believe his senior year was ruined by one picture. Think 100 times before you post anything.