V and Murrow Speech

by: Erica hall


V from Vendetta is a mysterious fictional character is a freedom fighter who knew that the people of London were being corrupted by the government. V explains in his speech that the people of London are on an everyday routine. The people are showing the tranquility of repetition. He says that when people have this routine something corrupt happens and throws things off for example a death or a struggle. Leaving London's citizens clueless.The people of London had a voice but now they are getting controlled by the government.For example making sure they have a timed curfew. By V destroying the Old Bailey, he shows that people need to open there eyes. He is also saying if you do not see what the government is doing then don't do anything about it and see what happens on the 5th of November. He's expressing that November 5th is a symbol that shows you need to stand up for what is right. Most of the people did ,they were just corrupted of not putting there foot forward and standing up to what was right. V concludes by saying the people of London should not be afraid of the government the government should be afraid of us.

Edward R. Murrow was an American broadcast journalist.He was known for his highly incorporated j Murrow spoke directly to the news directors about how they are corrupting the people by social media slowly but surely taking over.He stepped up to the plate because he thought it was necessary not because he needed too. He conveyed its so much because sooner or later it would be too late to do anything. Murrow wanted the larger sponsors to lay low on the bigger entertainment. They are to fat, rich and relaxed but really he means they are being blinded by the media. because this media is such a distraction, those people who don't agree with what he says just may miss out on things.

Murrow says we will make our history weather bad or good. Us people have the choice. with that said if we go the route we are going then history will have revenge and bit us in the butt. His call to action is that the people who are rejecting and disagreeing should leave media alone for at last once a week and if it does not work who has it hurt. what does anyone have to lose. there is nothing wrong with television. It can be useful ,but it is not to be taken advantage of.

In V speech it shows that the government is corrupt. The government is forced onto the London citizen,but in Murrow speech he does not physically show social media is a huge problem he emotionally expresses that it is.He is warning them that if you keep relying on television, it will bite you in the butt. A similarly is that they both didn't hurt anyone in the process of there doing. Defiantly got some people fired up but no one was physically harmed in the making. V and Murrow had a big role with a big problem that they wanted to solve.By doing this they stepped up because no one else would and they spoke a change for the citizen. Weather it worked or not V and Murrow are to this day talked about because of there bug accomplishments.