Understanding Truth &Reconciliation


How familiar are you with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC)?

As a future teacher candidate as well being born and raised in Canada I have to admit I was not familiar with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.During my undergrad, I had taken courses which addressed residential schools and the trauma Indigenous children and parents had to endure. However, TRC was briefly mentioned by my professor as a section of the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement.
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Why it was established?

Truth and Reconciliation Commission was to raise awareness regarding what happened in Residential Schools. The TRC will "prepare a comprehensive historical record on the policies and operations of the schools and produce a report that will include recommendations to the Government of Canada concerning the IRS system and its legacy" (Truth and Reconciliation Commission, 2015).

The TRC is important to Canadians as it shows that all lives matter as well awareness regarding the suffering by Aboriginal people as a result of residential schools is important for all to understand.


This link includes why this issue matters and the importance of raising awareness for all those children that were taken from their parents and placed into residential schools. This is significant as this campaign addresses experiences from survivors of the residential school system. (Truth and Reconciliation, 2015)

For those that wish to add a personal message in regards to why reconciliation matters to them, can do so by clicking the link.

TRC mandate

In fulfilling their Truth and Reconciliation Mandate the commissioners "are authorized to receive statements and documents from former students, their families, community and all other interested participants. Further, the Commissioners are authorized and required in the public interest to archive all such documents, materials, and transcripts or recordings of statements received, in a manner that will ensure their preservation and accessibility to the public and in accordance with access and privacy legislation, and any other applicable legislation;" ( Truth and Reconciliation, 2015).


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