The Great Barrier Reef

Enviromental Threats

The Great Barrier Reef needs a hero

The Great Barrier Reef is in danger(is endangered) and we must protect it. some of the issues threatening this exotic, wonderous and significant site are oil spills, global warming,crown of throns,human activity and illegal fishing. Don't you feel guity letting this majestic place die?

Human Activity

Firstly, The Great Barrier Reef is getting polluted by boats that spills oil adversely affect the sea life. The oil spill affects fish because they are breathing in the oil and the oil isn't good for thier lungs and maybe the fish would be extinct, because there is too much oil spill or other animals eat the fish and it will spread. Do you want it to spread?

Illegal fishing

Secondly, the second threat is illegal fishing and dumping of fish nets among the coral and sea life. This is bad because alot of fish can get stuck and it is very hard to untangle a net with alot of fish in it. The fishes can die because they are stuck and suffocating for along time.

The Crown of Thorns( the devil of doom in the Great Barrier Reef)

Finally, there has been an issue with the Crown of Thorns killing the corals and animals. The corals are dying because the Crown of Thorns are eating the coral really fast and also eating the animals there. Since the 1998 to 2004 the Crown of Thorns ate half of the coral in the Great Barrier Reef, we have to kill the Crown of Thorns even if it's hurting or killing nature.One way to kill the Crown of Thorns is bacteria. Well, thats what the scientist hopes for.

Da salution(means 'The solution')

In conclusion, the solution is to form a group of divers to clean up the Great Barrier Reef(Human Activity), hope bacteria kills the Crown of Thorns(Crown of Thorns) and make a law about illegal fishing in the Great Barrier Reef(Illegal Fishing).

Thank you

for listening to our presentation

By Nelson and only Nelson.