Horace Greeley & Popular Press

Meghan Mitchell

Biographical Information

Date of Birth: February 3, 1811

Birthplace: New Hampshire

Place of Death: Choate House's sanitarium in what is now Pleasantville, New York

Date of Death: November 29, 1872


  • Born to a poor family
  • Attended local schools; very bright student
  • Father could not pay his taxes, forcing him to flee; bringing along the rest of his family
Extra Information:
  • For the first 20 minutes of life, he could not breath; causing him to develop Asperger's Syndrome
  • He ran away from home to become a printer's apprentice, but was told he was too young.
  • At the age of fifteen, he became a printer's apprentice to Amos Bliss- editor of the Northern Spectator