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Reflections from Pastor Jennifer

Have you ever experienced discouragement? This means that we lack confidence or lose our courage. We all have at one time or another. The enemy will try to tell you that you are the only one who ever feels that way, so it's best to keep those feelings to yourself. However, we are told in God's Word that we are to encourage one another, and just like David, we can encourage ourselves! I add courage to your heart today - God has your life in His hands. He is working out your situation for good. Take time to read Exodus 4,5, 6, and beyond to witness God's faithful rescue.

March Focus: Prayer

Prepare to Pray

Each month in 2023, we plan to have a specific focus. One month will aim to increase our spiritual depth, the next month will require our personal involvement. In February, the focus was getting involved in showing love. For March, we dive deep into the spiritual discipline of prayer. Resources such as sermons about prayer, prayer specific devotionals, and book suggestions will be available on the church website under resources.

Sister Dean will be heading up this focus with special Scriptures every week and other ideas that she will elaborate. We must never take for granted how important prayer is. Prayer is an actual conversation with the Creator of the universe, the King of Kings, Yahweh!

I encourage you to be in prayer throughout the week. Set a time to pray. Even if it is short, set a goal to pray for a certain amount of time. And I ask that you prepare your heart for extended prayer times on Sundays. Jesus said that the Father's House would be called a house of prayer. Let's make that our aim when we enter in each week.

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