Welcome To Pioneer Open House!

William Wai Choon

Earthquake PBL Project

How can we, as structural engineers, construct a two story house in California for Tony Stark that will withstand seismic activity? The earthquake project was about how we could construct a house that could survive an earthquake. The teacher gave us a limited amount of material to build the house. My design was basically two cubes ,with no walls, on top of each other. We worked in teams of 4 to 5. I learned how to prepare myself for earthquakes and how to build a small model of a house without walls.
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30 Hands Project

During the 30 hands project, I learned about global warming. I learned what is causing global warming and how it affects the Earth. Global warming is mostly affecting the Earth in a negative way. It warms up the Earth's atmosphere and destroys some animal's habitat. The project was fun because it had a rubric that had all the requirements which made it a easy A.

Invention Convection

Invention Convection is a project where we had to build a something that solves an enviromental problem which works on a renewable energy. My project solves less air pollution and less waste of steel. It works by using solar, wind, and friction energy. Solar pannels are all over the car to get energy from the sun. There is a wind turbine on top of the car that uses the wind when you drive to produce energy. The friction wheels rub on the floor to produce energy.