South Korea Flesh Trafficking

Smuggling Operation

What is "Human Flesh Trafficking"?

Human flesh trafficking is the smuggling of pills called human-flesh capsules. These capsules contain powder made from dried up fetus's or dead babies.

Who uses these and where is it practiced?

These pills are taken by people with terminal cancer, or to increase stamina, health, and rejuvenate. Some people have also claimed it makes them feel and look younger. It is most common in South Korea and China where they are smuggled into other country's by buyer's request.

Current Events

Twenty-nine smugglers of "human-flesh capsules" have been arrested after trying to smuggle 11,000 pills into South Korea from China while disguised as tourists. More than 35 cases and more than 17,000 pills have been found by customs authorities since August of last year in South Korea and neighboring country, North Korea. The public Does not agree with the practice of using these capsules. Internantionally countries want to help stop the smuggling of these for public health concerns.

How this is being Prevented

The ministry of health has investigated the situation and has asked South Korean Custom Officials to take extra precautions on checking the belongings of people. It is a huge public health concern because taking these pills can be Fatal. These capsules contain super bacteria's that any person should not take. Chinese officials have made a statement that they have forbidden the selling of women's placentas or any other type of medical waste to the public. They have passed a law in doing so. Because these capsules can be very easily disguised, it is up to custom's officials to carefully search the belongings of travelers to help stop this problem. .

My opinion

I think that it is absurd to let this keep going on. People should stay away from these capsules because there is little proof they actually work and can be very lethal and bad for you. It is un-humane to do this. Hopefully the laws that have been passed to prevent these things work and it won't become a bigger issue.