Hoquiam School District

Highly Capable Referral Process and Information

Do you know a student who....

  • Thinks up unusual ways to solve hard problems?
  • Generates and comprehends complex and abstract ideas?
  • Thinks logically and wants things to make sense?
  • Prefers the company of intellectual peers?
  • Is an expert who abstracts beyond the field?

If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above, please consider referring that student for identification for highly capable services. Referrals may come from the community, teachers and/or parents. Please access the referral form located below.

About Highly Capable Services

In accordance with state guidelines, students are referred, assessed, and identified for Highly Capable Services based on their demonstrated achievement or potential ability in terms of general intellectual ability, academic aptitude, and creative or productive thinking.

The program is based on the following objectives:

  • Expansion of academic attainments and intellectual skills;
  • Stimulation of intellectual curiosity, independence, and responsibility;
  • Development of positive attitude toward self and others; and
  • Development of originality and creativity.

Students who are highly capable may possess, but are not limited to, these learning characteristics:

1. Capacity to learn with unusual depth of understanding, to retain what has been learned, and transfer to new situations;

2. Capacity and willingness to deal with increasing levels of abstraction and complexity earlier than peers;

3. Creative ability to make unusual connections among ideas and concepts;

4. Ability to learn quickly in their area(s) of intellectual strength; and

5. Capacity for intense concentration and/or focus.

Hoquiam School District Continuum of Highly Capable Services K-12

On-Site K-5 Services:

School based highly capable services are curriculum and instruction that is modified in a general education classroom. Students who are recommended for services will be served in math, reading, or both based on individual learning needs. Teachers receive professional learning in the areas of differentiation, curriculum compacting and universal design for learning so they can address the unique learning needs of their highly capable students.

Middle School Services:

Beginning in 6th grade, all students have options for enrichment and individual choice through electives. Middle school highly capable students are served in math, reading, or both based on individual learning needs. Students will placed in academic classes where the rigor and complexity best matches their individual learning needs which are identified in collaboration with the school counselor.

High School Services:

At grades 9-12, options for services vary depending on the needs and interests of each student and includes a wider array of enrichment opportunities and electives. Students may be served through Honors courses, Advanced Placement (AP) options, College in the High School (CHS) offerings, and/or Running Start. There are a variety of pathways for students to explore.

Homelink Services:

Students enrolled in Homelink who are identified as Highly Capable have access to an additional online enrichment program. Their classroom based learning is differentiated to meet their individual learning pathway.

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