SCAD Memories

Group Outing

We roam in a pack

We do everything together

Eating out

Watching fireworks

Having fun

Watching movies

Working on projects

Playing games

We roam in a pack

Humans Versus Zombies (HvZ)

Two scared hunters, we run for our lives

running for cover

separating without meaning to

getting attacked by the OZ

trying to escape the fate of being a zombie

betraying the ones who you once loved

running together again

hunting our friends down

Let's Get A Picture Together

Waiting for the bus

to take us away

Stopping from dancing

to get a picture with the bae

Filming a scene

but wait I need a pic cause we look cray

Doing anything at all:

wait let's get a picture together, I wish we could stay

Group Shot

When I was with my fellow scad peers

we would all talk to each other

to get critics on work

to make plans to walk into the city

to make plans to study in the common rooms

to say our goodbyes at the end of the five weeks

We all would love talking

Closing Gallery

Last night was the last night of being a Rising Star

This is the morning of leaving

Our closing gallery was the night before

The smiles we hold hide tears

for we are leaving

to our separate states

to our separate homes

to our separate lives

with memories of our time here still fresh in our minds

To the ones I spent my best summer with

When I was at SCAD, I got to see my friends all day, every day. Free time was spent lounging outside in the courtyard and talking about stuff in general. We would gossip, critic, and lust over other peers when we knew we wouldn't do anything with them. We would go down to the Hive (The cafeteria- it's named the hive because our mascot's a bee: hilarious right!) and have home-cooked meals and grab coffee in the morning and then rush off to class always with at least one friend running along side of you. At the end of the day, we would be in the common rooms watching movies and doing projects and studying for tests (sometimes all at the same time) or we would be in Jen's room (the third floor's RSA) playing Mario Cart on her Wii, or we would be out in the courtyard dancing in the moonlight celebrating that our projects, that we worked so hard on, were finally done and turned in.

I miss this feeling of closeness. When I was at SCAD we would always see each other and now we are so far away from each other. Sure selfies sent through GroupMe, Skype and FaceTIme conversations, and having one of my friends 7 minutes away and another 2 hours away is comforting, but having the knowledge that we all won't go back to attend SCAD makes me want to cry. One of my best and closest friends that I made at SCAD, is planning on going to a science school and not SCAD.

Since leaving SCAD for our senior years, we have kept in touch over Skype, text, GroupMe, random FaceTimes, and Facebook conversations. When we are in all in our colleges this upcoming fall, the ones at SCAD will stay together and induct new friends to join us, but we won't forget the ones who didn't come with us from Rising Star. We will group Skype weekly, keep up the GroupMe conversations going, and lastly visit each other during our breaks. We will keep in touch no matter what. I will keep it going, I love these people, and I'm never letting them go. I will not forget them, even though I have trouble remembering things. The memories that I shared with them will always be imprinted on my mind; those 5 weeks were honestly one of my best times of my life.