Autism Spectrum Disorder

By: Erin Cummings

What is Autism?

It is a disorder that affects ten's of millions of people around the world. Autism spectrum disorder (or ASD) causes difficulty in conversation, hand-eye coordination, and social relationships. Understanding, focus, and verbal speaking are all extremely hard for people with autism. In fact, the earlier it is treated the better. Autism has a strong grip on early brain development. Treatments vary from person to person but many treatments are behavioral interventions or medications. The changes people with autism have to make are things like different interventions as they grow and develop. Although ASD has been considered incurable, there is a minority who overcome autism.

Fact: Kids with ASD will make repeated and unusual actions such as flailing arms, ect.

What Are People Doing To Help?

Researchers have been trying to come up with better treatments, faster diagnostics, and better medication. Organizations such as Autism Speaks are trying to raise awareness. People are reaching out, telling others about what autism is, and telling them how they can help.