Six Grade Guide

By: Christine Gibbs


Welcome to Six Grade, We are happy that you are hear. You need to have a write with and some papper, you can have a travel binder if you want its helpful if you do. The first week will be like a free week where you can't be late for your classes because you are just getting use to them, but after that week you will be counted late to all of your classes. In the Morning you get to go to your locker to get your morning stuff.

Strike System

The strike system will start in the 4 quarter, and to not get a strike turn in all of or work, dont take when other people are talking. And these are the things to get a strike, don't turn in work, unfinsh work, back talking a teacher and etc. At every in of the quarter we have a celebration only for 6th graders and it will be in the 7th hour, they look for two boys and girls the have respect to others and help others etc.

My name is christine

I hope you like my web site, we worked very very hard on these I hope you will use this web site for your best care and use it to help you though the year. Care for others don't let them get bulled have a awesome Year. I loved being a 6th grader it was the best way I could every come here. Be nice to the teachers here