Mary Todd Lincoln

by Alexandra Fitzpatrick

Early life

Mary was born on December 13, 1818. her father was Robert Smith Todd and her mother was Eliza ann Parker, she had 7 siblings and she was the forth child. She was sent to springfield Illinois to live with her married sister

Later life

Later on she had start having children she had four and her son William Wallace had past away in 1862 she was very upset and very sad. Mary's husband Lincoln had been murdered and she was now as they say a total wreck she was very sad and didn't do that many things anymore. Mary had died on july 16,1882 and was barred in lincoln tomb in springfield

What she had looked Like

how Mary's life started and ended

Her Impact

she had fallen in love with a man named Abraham Lincoln and she had moved to live with him when she was 21. Abraham Lincoln soon was elected as the presedent and she was not that happy being the first lady for four years she was the first lady from March 4, 1861 to April 14, 1865

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