Is it love or just a case of crazy?

How far would you go?


In this article, how would you like to be the one who decides if a young man gets killed or married? For all you know jalousie can kill. A princess might love a boy enough to even kill him. Just one princess, crazy or sane? All you can do is read and find out.

Living With The Choice

If the princess picked a door with these so called tigers, she wouldn't have to live with the boy dating her enemy. No matter how much you hate the lady is it worth getting your lover killed? If you really loved him you would want the best for him.

Why Him?

If the princess want's the best for him then why kill him? The boy didn't do anything, he's still got his whole life ahead of him. It's not fair for the boy to get killed over something that wasn't in his control. Would you really kill someone just because you where jelouse. You just don't kill someone over jelousie.

A Happy Ending

The boy and lady would both be happy, knowing that they both can be togather. No one would have to be killed if the princess lets the two be together. Why would someone kill someone over love. Whats the real cost?


In conclusion, just because you like someone dosen't mean that you have to kill them or their lover. And don't let you choice haunt you just think about it before you decide. Once and awhile all you need is a happy ending