The Back Door Of Midnight

By: Elizabeth Chandler

"I struggled to sit up; I was paralyzed. Frightened, I tried to call out, but my mouth wouldn't move."

For my book of choice I read The Back Door of Midnight. This is a fictional book written by Elizabeth Chandler and is based off of a murder mystery. This book keeps you on the edge of your seat at all times and there is a plot twist around every corner. The setting begins in the brick house of the main character Anna O'neil in Baltimore. Anna lives in the house with her foster family. This book, as said before, is a murder mystery, spent on uncovering clues and trying to get down to the final answer or solution. At a young age, poor Anna lost her mother and was unwanted by the rest of her family which is why she had to grow up in a foster home. In The Back Door of Midnight, Anna is requested to come visit her uncle in Wisteria, Maryland and upon arrival, she is faced with a horror all to similar to her past. Now she must figure out who is telling the truth while trying to maintain her emotional stability. Being a young and naive teenager, it is common that she will be faced with teenage love as well as teenage drama. Anna must learn to put her personal feelings aside in order to uncover the truth about her family. Experiencing out of body images and powers similar to her relatives, Anna has to figure out her true identity. In my personal opinion involving this book, from beginning to end this book was amazing. There was no part in this book that I found uninteresting or boring. It had the right amount of every genre all combined into one. It was truly amazing inside and out and I would read it three more times. I would recommend this book to people who enjoy murder mysteries as well as solving crimes. The ending was very shocking on its own. This book changed my view on mysteries and I would recommend it to anyone who has a passion for such. The Back Door Of Midnight was published in 2010, contains 299 pages, and is first edition. I genuinely enjoyed this riveting murder novel. And you know what they say, "Each O'Neil has a choice.....Psycho..or Psychotic?"

About The Author

Elizabeth Chandler or Marie Claire Helldorfer was born in 1954. She is a child book and young adult book writer. When writing children books she chooses to use her real name. When writing any other books she uses Elizabeth Chandler. She has never really gave an explanation why she changes her names on her books. Ever since she has been able to work Elizabeth always enjoyed teaching and writing. Even though those two were her favorite, she also tried a different variety of jobs. She uses her job and life experiences as material to write books and give her characters in her books personalities. Elizabeth struggled to get into college for creative writing. She applied to ten different graduate schools and she was rejected by all of them. Despite all of her hardships she is happily married and has two cats. She also has a passion for being outside and gardening.