May 9-13, 2016

Kindergarten: Reading, Math, Science and Writing

Morning Meetings

Each day, our students participate in morning meetings. We hope they have been talking to you about each day's topics. This month, we've been focusing on Integrity and will be talking about Telling the Truth and Reporting vs. Tattling. Be sure to talk to your child each day to find out what the topic was, and how they can share what they know with their classmates.


We are going to review all of our reading standards this week in preparation for our M-Class Reading assessments.


We are reviewing all of our math standards this week.

Measurement-Using non-standard items (shapes, candy, paperclips, counters, etc.) to measure various items.


NBT (Numbers/Base Ten)- We will be reviewing numbers in the teens this week.

OA (Operations and Algebraic Expressions)- Addition and Subtraction


This week we are talking about Birds.