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Pieces of Us

Our class recently read the book All the Broken Pieces by Ann E. Burg. It's about Matt, a young boy who was airlifted from a war torn Vietnam and adopted into a new family. His story is a collection of stories of his past, all the pieces that make up his life, and how he is learning to live with the young man he is destined to be. After reading this book, we were inspired to learn a little bit more about ourselves, and how our families have influenced and shaped us. We prepared by exploring the StoryCorps site and reflected over the powerful questions and responses in the interviews of real people. We learned the art of asking good questions, and the value of listening closely. What follows is a series of interviews we conducted with our own family members as we considered the question,

"How has your family's 'story' shaped who you are? "

The Stories That Shape Us

Please click on the links below to hear our interviews. We hope our stories will inspire you to explore, communicate, and share your "stories" with the world.
Francisco Interviews His Mom (with translation by his sister) | Are you proud of me?


Francisco Interviews His Mom (with translations by his sister) by schyman1189
Brittany Interviews Her Mom | How did you choose my name?


Brittany Interviews Her Mom | How did you decide on my name? by schyman1189
Michael Interviews His Sister | What was your childhood like and what was going through your head when you first saw me?


Michael Interviews Cassandra | What Were You Thinking When You first Saw Me? by schyman1189
Desiree Interviews Her Dad | How did you first meet my mom?


Desiree Interviews Her Dad by schyman1189
Jahmeel Interviews His Mom | What are your dreams for me?


Jahmeel Interviews Mom by schyman1189
Donny Interviews His Mom | Do you remember what was going through your head when you first saw me?


Donny Interviews His Mom | What were you thinking when you first saw me? by schyman1189
Dmitry Interviews His Mother | Do you remember any songs you used to sing to me?


Dmitri Interviews His Mom | Do you remember any songs you use to sing to me? by schyman1189
Mrs. Dibble Interviews Mrs. Hyman | What were some of your best and worst memories of school?


Dibble/Hyman Interview by schyman1189
Mrs. Hyman Interviews Mrs. Dibble | Can you tell me about any teachers you had that have influenced your life?


Hyman Interviews Dibble by schyman1189

What do you think? Please contact us using the email address below, and share your reflections with us.

Your thoughtful response will be posted here after moderation. Thank you for collaborating with us and continuing the discussion.

Dear Mrs. Dibble and Class,

I just listened to your audio files you made for your project. First of all, I now want to read the book, All the Broken Pieces. Then I must tell you how impressed I am with each of your stories. What a lovely gift for your family members – to tell them they are such an important part of each of your lives. I’ll bet this project is something you will all remember for a long, long time!

Congratulations and thank you for sharing your stories with us,

Ms Lennox

Way to rock the 21st century! Great job!! Mr. J.

This is what learning is all about! Mrs. B.

Awesome! Mrs. B.

What a wonderful assignment! Both the students and the teachers did an impressive job!

Mrs. Barron

Oh my goodness…all of these stories were so sweet and loving! What a wonderful way to learn about your family and your life…great job to everyone!! I especially enjoyed all the singing!!

Mrs. Jenkins


Your students have proven the power of nonfiction and hard work! I’m impressed. Congrats guys on a project well done!

Ms. Jones