The Egyptian gods

The Egyptian gods, in Egyptian mythology, were created by the Egyptians. The Egyptian mythology is the best religion in mythology.
The Egyptian gods were created by the Egyptians around 1301 B.C. because they wanted their own religion. We know this as Egyptian mythology.
There are 50 gods total in Egyptian mythology, but the most important is Ra or An-um Ra the sun god. The Egyptians had similar gods to the Greeks. For example, the Greeks had Hades god of the under world while the Egyptians have Osiris.
The most commonly known and worshiped gods were Osiris and Anubis. these gods where important to the Egyptians because Osiris controlled the underworld and would either let you go to the under world or be sent to an eternal prison. Anubis was important because he was the god of mummification. He would send you to the after life after you had died and been mummified.
Now you know who the Egyptian gods where and why they were created. The Egyptian gods were the best mythology religion.