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June 7th - June 11th

Principal's Message

Dear Parent(s),

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Miss Bailey King on her new assignment as the Assistant Principal of Ecole Pine Grove School in Edson. Her positive attitude and work ethic will be missed at Niton Central School, we wish her all the best in her new career challenge.

As final assessments/exams approach for this school year, GYPSD has taken a proactive approach in dealing with the disruptions in instruction time. Please read below.

"Grande Yellowhead Public School Division takes a growth-centred approach to final exams and final grades. GYPSD teachers are highly qualified professionals who take into consideration each student’s situation, and the context of the current school year. Final exams continue to be an opportunity for students to show their overall growth in subject areas.

For this June only, final exam results will not be used if they negatively impact a student’s final grade. The usual weightings of final exams will resume in the 2021/22 school year".

If you have any clarification questions please contact your child's teacher, Miss King or myself.

Below is the video for our grade 9 students as they move over to Parkland Composite High School. You will be receiving individual recommendations for you son/daughter for course selections from our Niton Central Junior High teachers. Students/ families who have questions or need help registering should contact a Career/Academic Advisor at 780-723-6035 or by emailing Jan Wiens, Kristin Basaraba, or Lindsey Gohmann at


D. Lorne

Learning In Action

Consensus never tasted so good!

The 5/6 continued to learn about the history of Canada, through looking at the consensus model that was used by the Iroquois Confederacy. Students were tasked to come up with their favourite ice cream flavour and sundae toppings. They were put into pairs first to come up with some ideas. They were then grouped together with another group to come up with the same. This continued to occurred until the whole class came back together with a final consensus. Students celebrated this aspect of democracy through having sundaes with their chosen toppings. They landed on vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, Oreos, cookie dough and French fries.

Summer Fun!

With the recent opening of the pool all of our students are taking advantage of "good times" in their Phys. Ed. classes.

Apple Dumpling Gang

Thank you to everyone who donated to the purchase of our new apple trees which were planted in the Butterfly Garden. Special thank you to Parkland High School for their help towards making this a reality.

Swimming Schedule

Jr. High Final Exam Schedule

Award's Day Support

We are looking to the Niton community once again to support our Award's Day Ceremony. Please take a look at the attached letter for more information. We hope you will consider donating towards this great event.

Good News Story - GYPSD

Calahoo Meats

Last minute Calahoo Meat order, just in time for summer!! If you want anything, please fill out the order form and send it back to me by this Monday, June 7th.

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June 11th - Crazy Hair Day