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Young Living Oil - Lemon

"Lemon (Citrus limon) has a strong, purifying, citrus scent that is revitalizing and uplifting. Lemon consists of 68 percent dlimonene, a powerful antioxidant. It is delightfully refreshing in water and may be beneficial for the skin. Lemon may also be used to enhance the flavor of foods. Lemon essential oil is cold-pressed from the rinds of lemons. Jean Valnet MD estimated that it takes 3,000 lemons to produce one kilo of oil. In his book, "The Practice of Aromatherapy", Valnet wrote that lemon is a tonic for supporting the nervous and sympathetic nervous system."

Key Constituents:
Limonene — 59-73%
Gamma-Terpinene — 6-12%
Beta-Pinene — 7-16%
Alpha-Pinene — 1.5-3%
Sabinene — 1.5-3%

Lemon has an approximate ORAC of 6,619 (TE/L).

Please see "ORAC and Health" blog post for more information on the ORAC scale.

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The top uses for Lemon Oil

  • Use 1–2 drops to remove gum, oil, grease spots, glue or adhesive, and

crayon on most surfaces.

  • Substitute lemon oil for lemon juice or lemon seasonings to flavor

seafood, vegetables, beverages, and desserts.

  • Combine 2–3 drops with water in a spray bottle to help cleanse

and sanitize surfaces.

  • Place a drop on oily skin or blemishes to help balance oil glands and

minimize oil production.

  • Soothe or prevent corns, callous, or bunions by rubbing oil on affected area,

morning and evening.

  • Fill a bowl with cold water, add 2–3 drops of oil, and drench fruit in

water to preserve shelf life.

  • Add a drop to your dishwasher before the wash cycle for spot-free dishes.
  • Massage oil into cellulite to help improve circulation and help eliminate

waste from the cells.

  • Put 10–15 drops in a gallon of carpet cleaning solution to help pull out stains,

brighten carpet and rugs, and leave a fresh smell in the room.

(source as from everyday oils pdf)

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