Alcatraz Island

Protector of the bay

Before Alcatraz was a prison or a civil war base it was a lighthouse and it had a very good use as an island across the bay of San Francisco. But over the years it got re purposed into a civil war base and protects ed the bay.the island was surrounded by more than 100 cannons!Since the island was controlled by the military they made it a prison after the civil war.Then at the time america had it's highest maximum security prison..


It was a great place for a lighthouse and protected San Francisco bay when it was a civil war base. But the best use of it all was when it was a prison holding people such as AL Capone George machine gun and James Whitney.

land ho!

IT all started when Millard Fillmore reserved the island for military use they made it a civil war base in the 1850s and 1909 they started building the rock just to build the prison it took over seventy four years!IT is made out of 100% stone and was abandoned in 1950 due to high operating costs

inmates instruments

When al capone was in alcatraz he played the banjo.Alcatraz was named after pelicans. Military prisoners were the first prisoners of alcatraz. Inmates requested to go to alcatraz because hollywood built up a reputation, but they had good food because the warden believed that riots were because of bad food.

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