Najee M. 5th period

What was the change?

The change in the Catholic church. A movement for religous reform. My picture shows Martin Luthers 95 this which played a major role in the Reformation in the Caholic Church. this was made because the church was selling indolgences, which was a kind of forgiveness . Luthers 95 thesis was a protest which was posted on the door of a castle church.

Who were the people associated with the change?

How did the change impact society at the time?

Pesants supported him because they believed his ideas because they thought it could change socity, Nobles supported him because they thought his ideas would weaken the empors power over them. Some people did not support him and signed an agreement to remain loyal to the Pope and Empeor. Many people became protestant, which became Christians, who belonged to a non-catholic church

How is that change evidenced in todays modern society?

We now have many different Christen Churches. We also have many sects of christanty , and you can choose to be which ever one you want be, In result of Martin Luthers contibutions to reforming the church.