6th Grade Pre-AP Social Studies

Empires Simulation!

6th graders in Pre-AP Social Studies have been competing in a simulation called "Empires"

For the past 4 weeks, students have been completing challenges, tasks, quizzes, and fates to ensure that their city becomes the next greatest civilization! We have the Hittites, Babylonians, Medes, Persians, and the Phoenicians all vying for that top honor of being named Greatest Civilization of All Time!


Everyday, each group competes in a challenge. If they do well in the challenge, they will receive extra "moves" so they can move their armies around on the classroom map. The more they move their armies around, the more money and resources their group receives.


Along with the challenges, every other day I read off a "fate". This usually presents a scenario that would have been realistic for ancient times and the group has to make important decisions. If they make the correct decision, the can receive bonus moves, money, resources, or points!


There will be three quizzes over the questions on the "Fertile Crescent Facts" sheet in their Student Guides. We've already had the first two, the final quiz will be over all thirty questions and it will be on Tuesday, September 29th!


While the simulation is going on, the only homework (besides studying for quizzes) that the students have is to complete four tasks before October 7th. They must complete a Tribe Task, Village Task, City-State Task, and an Empire Task. There is a list with all of the different choices in their student guide. They must complete one of each in order to receive points! If everyone in their group completes the Tribe and Village Tasks, they can start to receive bonus moves for moving their armies around the map! All four tasks are due October 7th.