The place where we came together and became a family.

Written Reflection

I loved my time here in PJ. Not only have I developed some amazing skills, but I've also developed some amazing friendships. Learning all those different types of compositions, and going outside to experience it, that was probably the highlight of my day. My favorite assignment was probably the "Humans of Fossil Ridge". Just getting to expierence what it's going to be like as a real photojournalist, made me feel something special. Since i have taken this course, it helped me realize what I want to do when I grow up. I think I've found my passion. Photography.

Elements Of Composition

Camera Operations

  • To power your camera on or off, you hold the button on top.
  • To put the batteries in, there is a compartment on the bottom that you open, just slide the latch, and it pops right off.
  • To put your SD card in, you go to the bottom compartment (the one from the previous bullet point) and slide it in
  • To zoom in or out, there is a trigger on top of the camera. Pull it to the side, and it will zoom
  • To Use SuperMacro or Macro, you press the little bottom with the flower icon on it.

Photoshop Practice

Humans Of Fossil Ridge

"Cooking is my passion, I love this class!" -the girl on the far left

My Top 6 Pictures