Composite Figures

real world activity

Monday, March 14th

You need to find the area of the composite figures below. This assignment needs to be added to your notes.

Tuesday, March 15th


  1. Find the area of all three composite figures below.
  2. Choose two of the figures to describe a real world situation that the drawing could represent.
  3. Draw a picture that incorporates the two composite figures you chose to describe.
  4. This assignment needs to be completed on the computer and turned in on CANVAS by Wednesday, March 16th.
  5. You may use any drawing tool online you want to.
Turn in your assignment below.

Wednesday, March 16th

Finish activity from Tuesday.

Thursday, March 17th


1. First you need to finish the composite figures activity from Tuesday.

2. Second, you should watch the video below and work out the problems after the video.

Area of Composite Shapes: Lesson (Geometry Concepts)

Practice Problems

  1. Find the area of the unshaded region.
  2. Find the area of the shaded region.

Turn in this assignment on paper. This is DUE TODAY: 3/17/16

Friday, March 18th