CamTech Connection

March 21 - 27, 2016


- Please remember we are using Educator's Handbook for our discipline referrals. If you are writing up tardies, please put which tardy it is and the dates of the tardies (ex: 3rd unexcused tardy 9/12/15, 10/4/15, 11/15/15). The following link provides resources if you need any help with Educator's Handbook:

- Please make sure you check the CamTech Google Calendar for upcoming is filled in for each upcoming month and any upcoming events throughout the school year.

- Two Google Docs have been created (CECHS To Do & CTHS Accomplishments); please make sure you are contributing to them!

- TUTORING: Please remind students of tutoring opportunities on Tuesdays & Thursday

Health Science Mock Casualty

The Health Science II class at CCHS will participate in a mock casualty event on Thursday, March 24th at 10AM. This event will take place in the gravel parking lot behind the school. Health Science students will be assessing numerous injuries created by the art students and EMS will be on campus. Mrs. Williams has invited you and your classes to come out and watch but would like for you to keep in mind that the wounds will be made to look as real as possible and that her students are being graded on their ability to assess wounds and be professional. Please be mindful of the students you may take to watch this exercise. A list of students involved in the mock casualty will be emailed to you.

Home Base Professional Development Opportunities

The NCDPI Educator Effectiveness Division will open registration for the following nine instructor-led courses on Monday, March 21:

- Building and Sustaining Professional Development: 6 weeks, 1 CEU

- Connecting with our 21st Century Learners: 5 weeks, 1 CEU

- Digital Literacies in the K-12 Classroom: 7 weeks, 1.5 CEUs

- Introduction to Data Literacy: 5 weeks, 1 CEU

- Universal Design for Learning 1: UDL in the Everyday Classroom: 5 weeks, 1 CEU

- North Carolina Teacher Standards and Evaluation Process: 6 weeks, 2 CEUs

- Responsibilities of the 21st-Century Educator: 7 weeks, 1 CEU

- Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects, Part 1: 5 weeks, 0.5 CEU

- Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects, Part 2: 7 weeks, 1.5 CEUs

Registration for these free online courses is limited to 35 participants per section.

Classes start April 4.


  • The following website by the Amerian Association of School Librarians lists the top apps for 2015:

  • CANVAS mobile app: Have your students download the CANVAS app on their phones or other devices to keep up with your class. To find CamTech on the app, type

  • Released Forms for NCFE & EOCs:


AM: Reaves

LUNCH: Griffiths

PM: Griffiths


Monday, March 21st

AIG meeting @ GPS 3:25PM

Soccer @ First Flight 6PM

Tuesday, March 22nd

Interact Officers Mtg @ 7:30AM

HOME Base/Softball vs. Mattamuskeet 4:30PM

Wednesday, March 23rd

Interact Mtg @ 2nd period

Track @ Northeastern

Soccer @ Hertford 5PM

CTE Mtg. @ 3:30PM

Thursday, March 24th

Mock Casualty @ 10AM

JV Baseball @ Ocracoke 4PM

Base/Softball @ Plymouth 4:30PM

Class ring orders @ lunch & 3-6PM

Prom Chicken Dinner @ 4-7PM

Friday, March 25th

Early Release - Happy Spring Break!!!

HOME Baseball vs. Atlantic Shores