Burks Bulletin

The Countdown is Almost Over

End of Year Fun Fest - REPEAT

Melisa has worked hard to plan our first ever Burks Fun Fest and I'm excited to see everyone enjoying themselves. She has sent information out to everyone, please know what your area responsibility is. Classroom teachers you will be free to run around with your students and have fun. Auxiliary staff and teachers that do not have a homeroom class will monitor the various activity areas. Please plan on interacting with your students on this fun day.

Fun Fest Punch Cards - who will it be? PLEASE READ

I understand that we all have different ideas of what deserves a 'punch' and some are more generous about giving them out, I think the best way to reward students is for each teacher to see what is the highest number of punches the student in their class received and then all students who receive 80% and greater of that number will get to participate in the special activities at the picnic.

For example:

Suzy Q has the highest number of punches in her homeroom with 60. So, all students who have earned who have earned 48 or more punches would be able to access the extra activities during the Fun Fest.

Another example: Joan Rivers earned 15 punches and has the most in her classroom. 80% of 15 is 12 so all students with 12 or more points/punches will participate.

If you all have a better way to figure this out, please let me know. The purpose is to recognize students who typically have good behavior and I hope this system will help in doing that.

Dress Code this Week

End of Year Celebrations are this week and we will have professional dress M-W. Thursday you may wear appropriate shorts and school shirt for the Fun Fest.

5th grade teachers, please plan on changing after the 5th grade celebration:)

Friday is a 'free' day and you are welcome to dress comfortably, and yes, that means shorts are OK:)

Final Farewell - Friday 11:00 Burks Learning Commons. All Staff

Field Day 2015 In the Books

Thank you to Chace and Laura for organizing and setting up a great field day!!! I also want to thank all of you who helped run the stations so the kids and teachers could have a great time! I believe everyone had a great day!!!

Genius Hour Palooza! Thank you!

I want to thank everyone for allowing me to dive into the Genius Hour concept this year. Many of you have shared you were not such a fan in the beginning and even until the Palooza you weren't sure why we were doing this. I know last Friday was proof to everyone, especially the kids, that it was worth the time spent allowing our students truly take the lead in learning. I'm already looking forward to next year and having an idea of how it worked this year, I know it will be even more EPIC!!!!!

Thanks for trusting me and indulging my passion for learning!!!!!!!

Helen's Retirement Reception

Wednesday, June 3rd, 3:30-5pm

Burks Learning Commons

Please join us as we honor Helen's 20+ years of educational service.

NEW - PD Gifted and Talented Hours

If you already have the 30 hours of training, then you will need to be sure and get the 6 hours mandated each year. The MISD Converge Conference, June 23-25, will give you 5 hours after completing the required sessions. Of course, you have all year to the get the 6 hours, but it's easiest during the summer.

You can attend sessions through Region 10. In fact, you can take just one of the sessions during the week long 30-hour training to fulfill your yearly 6 hour update.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Summer Professional Development - REPEAT

District Offerings

Please note, ELAR offerings are located on Eduphoria.
If you did not attend the LIteracy Academy last summer (k-2) you MUST attend this summer. It is located under the Bilingual/ESL tab in Workshop (Eduphoria). (Days 1 & 2 foundations)
If you did attend the Literacy Academy last summer, please register for Day 3 Depth and Complexity on July 16.

Burks Elementary: Literacy Institute Depth & Complexity for K-2nd (Day 3 of 3)

Prerequisite: TO/WITH/BY Foundational sessions. Participants who attended last summer or who have participated in the foundational sessions for balanced literacy will use this background knowledge to focus on the depth and complexity within the model. Participants will see the literacy model in depth for ELAR and SLAR.

Offerings in Eduphoria - Elementary Essentials for Engagement
Plan on taking all sessions on Aug. 4 & 5.

Any other sessions are your choice.