Newsletter-September 14-18 2015

Mrs. Wells and Mrs. Reim

A note from Mrs. Wells

We have had a wonderful week. Students are learning about the Bill of Rights in social studies. We covered Amendment 1 and 2 this week. Amendments 2-10 will be researched and taught by students. I expect to hear some creative teaching! I will post pictures and video on this site so you can experience to joy I see on a daily basis.

In reading, I am completing DRA's. That is the reading assessment our district uses to find the reading level of your child. When I finish those, I will expect students to check out one book from the library on their level, and then another book of their choice. If you have books at home and want to check the reading level, go to Enter the book's title and you the book's level will be posted. If you find a title that is not on the site, send it to me and I will find the reading level!

When I finish the testing, we will return to our novel Because of Winn-Dixie. The children love the book!

In science, we are investigating magnets. It's always fun to feel them attract and repel. We tested a bag of items to see which "stuck" or "didn't stick" to our magnets. I love the joy in student's faces when they "do" science!

In math, we are learning to see patterns and learning strategies to solve problems. Loops and groups, arrays, decomposing numbers are being used to show their mathematical thinking.

In writing workshop, the students have been studying author, Patricia MacLachlan's book, All the Places to Love. They a quite extensive list of their "noticings" from her book and are using those writing strategies to make their writing better. The writing genre we are currently working on is called, "Slice of Life." It is simply

writing about a life moment. I am looking forward to reading their published pieces in a couple of weeks.

Our Friday gathering of all 4th grade students is a joy for all. We focus on how we can use our content knowledge to make the world a better place. We invite speakers who share their lives with us. Our focus is on being kind to ourselves, each other, and the Earth. We were blessed to have one of our student's dads come to speak to us about his service as a mechanic on the Harrier jet. He shared amazing facts about this plane.

Math Homework

This week, students have a place value worksheet in their green homework folder.


Please encourage your child to read 15-30 minutes each night.


Sounds of /i/ editing worksheet is in their green homework folder.

Social Studies

Ask you child to explain the first and second amendment.


Ask your child to tell you 3 things that stick to a magnet and 3 things that did not.

Coming up...

Progress reports will either be emailed to you or placed in Wednesday folders.

(September 22, 2014)

Special Thanks to:

A special thanks to all visitors who joined us for lunch today. We had a full house.