All about me Guadalupe Medina

All about me

Ten things about me

1. I like hanging out with my bff

2. I like going fun places

3. I like music

4. I like the color light or rose pink

5. I like to watch movies

6. My favorite food is posole

7. Favorite artist is Chris Travis ❤️

8. I love my bff Ang & feli ❤️❤️

9. I like when it's summer

My most embarrassing moment

When I fell down in 8th grade of the bleachers in front of everyone , when I fail after kicking a door and running in the hallway then almost drowned in schilttterbahn

Addiontional pictures

Weird questions

1. How do you learn lyrics so quick ?

2. Why are you always happy ?

3. How do you make your hair like that ?