Tim Hughes

What is HIV/AIDS?

HIV is a virus. When HIV enters the body it takes control of the cells that fight infections and illnesses. That is now AIDS, and if you get AIDS and a life threatening disease like Tuberculosis, those cells that fight infections do not work, so there is a good chance you can die.

How can HIV/AIDS be transmitted?

HIV can be transmitted from an infected person through semen, vaginal fluids and breast milk, and unprotected sex.

Symptoms of HIV/AIDS

  • extreme weakness
  • rapid weight loss
  • frequent fevers
  • heavy sweating
  • white spots in the mouth or throat
  • chronic diarrhea

What are some treatments to HIV/AIDS?

There is no cure or treatment for HIV/AIDS, but there are drugs to help the immune system fight disease.

What are some problems caused by HIV/AIDS?

HIV spreads throughout the body and kills cells that can fight off infections. This becomes AIDS and if you get an infection you can easily die of that infection.

How can you prevent HIV/AIDS?

You cannot get AIDS if you don't have sex. If you do choose to have sex, then always use condoms. Avoid contact with bodily fluids in which HIV is transmitted. Never share needles.