Friday's Rewind

A look back, some time to reflect, and a look ahead...

Lunch Lockdown and Staged Evacuation Fire Drill Notes

First, I would like to thank Tim Murray for his work with our emergency procedure drills this past week. Overall, the feedback that I have received has been very positive. We will continue to monitor our practices and make adjustments as needed.

Some things we learned from our Lunchroom Lockdown include:

  • We need to have keys accessible at our breakfast time as well. Teri and Barb have identified a location for the keys to be kept. If you work in the cafeteria, please ask them to show you where they are located so you can help in an emergency situation.
  • Because the single door to the cafeteria has a lock on the hallway side, Teri is going to keep this door locked at all times and just pull it shut.
  • We are not sure if an all call can be heard during an actual lunch so we will test this out in the coming weeks and determine what other steps need to be taken.
  • At this time, the boiler room is open, as is the door from the boiler room into Troy's office. Once there, the doors also open into the cafeteria so it is not a secured space. I have talked to Troy and asked him to think about options. One option may be to keep the boiler room door locked at all times.

The staged fire drill sounds to have went quite well. We will continue to discuss improvements, but at this time I have not heard and major changes that are needed.

We will continue to review these at our building safety committee meetings as well as at BLT so please let your colleagues know if you have additional feedback. Thank you everyone for preparing your students ahead of time and helping these drills be so successful!

General Education Teaching Assignments 2016-17


  • Jen Colgan
  • Angie Kath

First Grade:

  • Jen Olson
  • Cassie Knutson
  • Lisa Anderson

Second Grade:

  • Lynn Weinzierl
  • Anne Ackmann

Third Grade:

  • Lisa Kunde
  • Margie Wandersee
  • Lynne Tolkinen

Fourth Grade:

  • Kate Volk
  • Wendy Nelson

Fifth Grade:

  • Amy Hoff
  • Katie Swendra
  • New Hire

Info and Updates

  • MCA testing begins Monday. We will have granola bars and mints ready for students who test. We will bring them to your classrooms Monday morning. Please remember that the computer lab and the copier in the lab will be off limits during the school day. We are working on a schedule to allow Teri and Jan R to be in the lab with the whole group so classroom teachers, title I staff, and SPED staff and ESP's can perform small group testing for those who need it.
  • Erin Walsh will be finalizing her concert schedule over the weekend and we will share this with you as soon as possible.
  • Our School of Innovation planning team has focused on the following areas as a point of emphasis for next year and are starting to develop detailed programming proposals.
  1. Coding
  2. Makerspace
  3. Genius Hour
  4. Digital Production/Green Screen/Announcements
  5. Digital Citizenship
  6. Google applications (Drive, docs, sheets, presentation, classroom, etc...)
  7. We have also discussed school wide implementation of @Seesaw and we have a select group of staff piloting @Nearpod as well.

  • I am still in the process of writing our STEAM grant application. I will complete this by the end of the month and will then work with the NWSISD and their grant writer to make improvements/adjustments. We still anticipate being notified about being selected for the grant in August.
  • Newsletter articles are due today. Please get these to Jaime at your earliest convenience.