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The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul - By Douglas Adams.

The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul - By Douglas Adams

The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul takes place in 1980s London, and briefly in Asgard, the home of gods. After the gods are created out of desire for their existence by man, they are forgotten about but remain still on earth, usually as a figure whom is commonly overlooked such as a homeless man or an elder in special care.

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London feels gloomy and clammy until they reach Asgard, in which thinks brighten up in visualizing, but darken with father-son god drama. Kate & Dirk both felt rushed and put down throughout the novel.
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This is Asguard, a major location -

In the photo above, you can see Asgard from the movie Thor, who is also a major character in the book. In Asgard, everything is the same, but not. When Thor takes Kate to Asgard, she's on solid ground, but in the same place on earth, it would've been the ocean.

Kate wouldn't of been caught up in the mess if she lived elsewhere, both her and Thor where trying to get to Norway in a London airport. One major plot-setting relation is the fact that Kate cannot order pizza within London. This may be one of the reasons why she was trying to get to Norway...

Besides the quirky jokes related to London, this story could've taken place in New York, or Chicago and had the same effect, besides the fact of imagining everyone with a British accent..