Social Media Report

Social Media, one of the world's top problems?

By: Will Zimmer

How often do you go on social media? According to, the average person spends approximately 1.72 hours on social media a day. The media is constantly affecting our daily life by getting us into the habit of using media “slang” when we are writing. The media is hurting our society in many ways such as, affecting our habits in academics.

This problem may not appeal very serious, but it affects our communities professions everyday. If you were to apply for a job, accidentally using social media vocabulary in your application could determine whether or not you get the job. In the article, F in grammar? Maybe it’s your phone's fault, it states, “A 2008 study of teenage grammar use in digital age found that 64 percent of teenagers used informal writing styles typical of electronic communication in their schoolwork,' (Potenza). This matter can also affect what happens in school. Spending time on social media could cause distractions from your homework; therefore causing you to get in trouble and a poor grade on the assignment. According to NBC News, the average human cannot spend two minutes without checking his or her phone. But luckily, there are many things we can do to resolve these matters.

Problems with the media can be solved if everyone contributes. Spending less time on social media would be a good first step in this process. This would solve the problem of using incorrect grammar in writing. We could also limit the time we are on our phones so we could focus on more important matters such as writing with correct grammar. These solutions could also help us by not distracting us from working on school or homework. The less amount of time we are distracted on our phones means more time for us to work. Our academic grades would also increase due to the amount of effort we would be giving. In the article, F in grammar? Maybe it’s your phone's fault, it states, “teenagers seem to know that social media is exerting too much influence on their writing”, (Potenza). The effect of these actions could result in social media being a better place for everyone to spend there time.

Social media causes many problems in our everyday life. Most people don’t even notice how much of a problem it is and all the problems it causes. In the article, Impact of TV Advertisements on Teens, it states,”this however has a huge negative impact on society and the mental and physical health of the children and teens exposed to television and media”, (Saeedalmehairi). I think that if everyone contributes to following this rule; we could make the world a better place.

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