October 2018

Big picture

What did you study in college? I studied Finance and received a BBA in May 2016.

What is the best thing GRASP has done for you? While in the process of applying for different colleges and scholarships, my GRASP advisor was someone that my family and I were able to trust to answer all of our questions. Being the oldest child, the whole process was new to all of us and my advisor was such an amazing help to give us proper resources, advice on essays and questions, and anything else that we were lost on.

What are you doing now? Currently, I am the Director of High School Engagement for Alpha Epsilon Pi, the International Jewish Fraternity.

What piece of educational advice would you give to high school students? One piece of educational advice I would give to a high school student is to not be afraid to ask for help and ask questions. Your teachers are there to see you succeed and want you to learn something new. The more questions you ask show that you are actually paying attention and have an interest in what you are learning.

What is the biggest challenge you faced on your educational journey? The biggest life challenge that I faced was the fact that I was on my own for the first time and had to set my own schedule and learn how to manage my own time between my clubs and friends, and studying for different classes and tests, sometimes all at the same time.

Expanding students' opportunities to learn

GRASP is a Virginia 501(c)(3) nonprofit. GRASP seeks to give ALL students in Virginia the opportunity to build fulfilling lives through post-secondary educational pathways.