Elementary Day Treatment

March Happenings

National Reading Month

The month of March is known to be " National Reading Month." This is a great time to grab your favorite book and dive right in. We kicked off the month by reading, "Nate the Great and the Missing Pillowcase."

Community Service Project

During the month of March, we have been working on a community service project. The students are very excited about this project and are eager to make blankets and toys for the cats and dogs. The blankets and toys will be going to the Lucky Day Animal Rescue and Divine Canine Rescue.

Through this project, we are learning to work together with our peers and giving back to the community.

Let's Get Sticky!

During this month, we have been working hard to complete the Brigance Assessment. After all of this hard work, we decided to test our measuring skills in making slime! How else can you celebrate the success of finishing an assessment? By getting sticky!