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Using learning logs to improve teaching and learning

What is a Learning Log?

"A learning log is a written record of the learning process, completed with the intention of enhancing that process" (Glenn, 2009). The log creates a site for an ongoing conversation about learning between student, teacher and peers.

Click the link to find BES Exemplar 5. Best Evidence Syntheses are huge collections of research commissioned by the MOE where the implications of research on a specific topic are analysed for a range of purposes. Exemplar 5, overviews how and why the use of logs connects with quality teaching. The research is outlined and the log process described.

Learning Logs improve Writing and Achievement

As language is central to learning and English is the medium for most learning in the NZ Curriculum, the importance of literacy in English cannot be overstated.

NZ Curriculum Document

The ability of students to write extended answers in NCEA is at the heart of their success. It is impossible to get excellence in any subject in the senior secondary school without writing extended answers.

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