Vietnam War

Nekkio Ness and Nick Jones


In The Field- This is a excerpt from the book the The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien. This particular chapter is about the LT (Lieutenant) Jimmy Cross and his fellow soldiers trying to rescue a fellow G.I after he went missing. They are looking for him in a large muck field.

Thanks Poem- This poem is about a fellow person who we assume is a American G.I and he talks about the instances that saved his life. Either it be a tree stopping a sniper bullet or a dud grenade at he feet.

Important Passages

In The Field- "He pictured Kiowas's Face. They had been close buddies, the tightest, and he remembered how last night they huddled under their ponchos, the rain cold and steady".

I picked this passage because it really showed Jimmy Crosses emotions toward his friend Kiowa. Due do his absence and MIA currently he starts to have flashbacks and memories of what he and his friend did.

Thanks Poem-" Thanks for tree between me and the snipers bullet "

I picked this excerpt because its important to the overall meaning of the text. Such a strong opening like this the reader can only imagine what other "Lucky" occurrences his life depended on.

Discussion Questions

In this war in particular,the authors are trying to convey the message that the war is harsh and pointless. "In the field" describes the crappy conditions of land they have to tread through. At this point everyone was question the reason for being there. In the poem "thanks" it describes how lucky you have to be to survive.

Picture of Vietnam Protesting

A lot of people at home, The US, were very unhappy about the war. So upset that they formed protests against the war. This picture is from one of those protests. Most of the protesters were young, because of the draft. Others were protesters because they realized how pointless the war was.
Buffalo Springfield - For what it's worth , Vietnam war

Explanation Of Video

This song by Buffalo Springfield represents the struggles of the Vietnam War stating

Paranoia strikes deep

Into your life it will creep

It starts when you're always afraid

Step out of line, the men come and take you away

The video also shares some real life footage of the Vietnam war going from battles to the helicopters flying through the sky. It represent that at anytime anything can happen and you need to be on your toes and clearing your mind and staying focused otherwise you will not make it.