Athena Sophia Rangel

July 24, 2014

First time mom!

On July 24, 2014 at 7:05am I became a first-time mom. And was blessed with my first child, named Athena Sophia Rangel. She's 4 months old and is 21 inches long and weights 14 pounds. We are so joyful with our new baby. Come along and join us in our journey with Athena.
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Day with Athena!

Monday: December 1st 2014

Today was a good and new day with Athena. We both went to school and had a great day, Everybody was so excited to see my baby Athena, as a result everybody wanted to carry and play with her. I allowed them but I kept my eye on them and on her because i don't want nothing bad happening to her. We also both ate lunch at the same time. I ate a chicken sandwich and she drank her baby formula. But after school I also gave her some baby food and after eating she took a nap and I let her play with her age appropriate toys. After her nap that she took after school she got hungry again so I fed her baby formula. At night before we went to sleep I changed her. And just like every baby Athena woke up at 2 in the morning crying that she wanted to be fed, so I had to wake up and give her some baby formula. Even though I only woke up 1 time at night I still fed her in the morning when we woke up for school. Even though it was a good day there was many struggles. First of all she can get very heavy and very tiring at times that I can't do my things properly. For example when I switch from class to class I have to carry and do multiple things, but at times I can't do thing because I only have one hand free because in the other one I have my baby Athena. She also like to cry in the middle of my classes. For example today she cried because she needed a diaper changed, so I had to stop in the middle of my class to go and change her. Even though there are many struggles I have solutions. Whenever I have to do something in class I give her to a trustworthy friend, so she can hold her for a few minutes so I can do my things. Also whenever she needs a diaper change I try to smell her or see if she needs one before class so she wont burst out crying in the middle of class. Being a first time mom can be struggling, but I'm starting to get used to it.

Bed sharing vs Crib sleeping

As a first time couple me and my spouse are debating a big and important topic, which is if our baby should sleep with us in our bed or in her own crib. He thinks our baby should sleep with us in our bed but i'm not comfortable nor agree with that, I say our baby should sleep in her own crib. I did some research and came across some pros and cons of bed-sharing with our baby and letting the baby sleep in her crib. One of the cons and concerns I have with bed-sharing with our baby is the fact that we can squish, hurt and even suffocate our baby. As shown in a article on today health it states that "researchers determined that nearly 74 percent of death in babies younger than 4 months occurred in a bed-sharing situation". This is one of my most popular concern because i'm afraid of squishing our baby. Another con of bed-sharing is whenever the baby gets older it will be harder to get her to sleep in her own bed. We will get her in a habit that it's ok for her to sleep with us and when she gets older it will be harder for us to make her sleep in her own bed, this habit can last for years. Similarly our baby will get used to sleeping with us the parents which can be bad when it comes to naps. In other words our baby will get used to sleeping with us the parents that when it comes to naps she will like to sleep with us. This can cause an interruption in our day life since babies most likely take naps during the day. We will have to take stop what where doing and take a nap with our baby. In contrast if our baby sleeps in her crib she will be familiar with the crib, and not really interrupt what were doing during the day. Similarly the pros of having our baby sleep in her own crib is she will be familiar with her crib as said before, she will also have sufficient space for herself and we the parents and her the baby will disturb each other less. After discussing with my spouse we decided to let our baby sleep in her crib and while she's in her crib we also decided to leave her with a pacifier on as said in the first candle article which states "using pacifiers can help reduce the risk of SISD". Other decisions me and my spouse made were that we were going to formula feed our baby and we would use disposable diapers. Their are different ways you can take care of your baby, but it's your choice to choose how.

Sick baby!

As me and Athena were having a normal and eventful day I noticed something wrong with her cough. She starting having a very deep cough that sounded like a barking seal, in fact she also started having a fever. My first response was to take her to the pediatrician, and so I did. At the visit with her pediatrician I got informed that Athena had been diagnosed with croup. Croup is an infectious pediatric illness of the respiratory system that causes the vocal cords (larynx), the windpipe (trachea), and the upper airways of the lungs to swell and making it difficult to breathe . In other words it's an infection of the upper airway which obstructs breathing. Some symptoms of croup are the barking cough you'll hear from your baby, fever, a sore throat and your baby could have trouble breathing. Some treatments that my pediatrician recommended to me was to keep my child calm. Since croup can be frightening for your child, her crying can make her cough even worse. It is important to keep your child relaxed by cuddling, and holding her upright over your shoulder, because it can help her relax her and therefore she'll breathe more easily. And another treatment is to let the baby breathe cool air at night, so opening a window at night is advised. Croup is at its worst at night, so they also recommend to sleep in the same room as your baby. Croup can last up to a week, and it's worst in the first few days. As a parent seeing your baby sick is not a pleasant thing, but you know you have to help them. So for me seeing Athena sick was not pretty, but I have to try my hardest to get my baby feeling better and healthy again.

Current Event: Poor neighborhoods may risk your child problems

As I was researching parenting current events I came across a topic that caught my eye. it talked about how studies showed that children who lived in poor neighborhoods may be at increased risk of verbal and behavioral problems. It showed how the researchers said that there is less neighborhood cohesion or mutual trust in poor neighborhoods, which can turn into into poorer mental health As said in the article "children's neighborhood play an important role in their development". I partially agree with that, I believe that children's environment in their home not their neighborhood plays an important role in their development. I say that their environment in their home affects them not their neighborhood because not every kid goes out to their neighborhood and makes friends, some kids can be shy or even scare to go out and will rather stay inside without knowing anything or anyone from their neighborhood . In contrary they will most likely have to learn from their environment in their home and their environment in their home can be different from their neighborhood, their family can be a loving and nice family that just lives in a poor neighborhood. In fact if I lived in a poor neighborhood I will teach my children the good things and how to act respectfully. And if I did see bad influences in my neighborhood I will try to avoid them form getting to my children.

Overall experience

My overall experience with baby Athena was good and filled with many emotions. To start out the first day I felt uncomfortable walking through the hallway with a baby, but throughout the day I got used to it. I also felt tiring, I had to balance her and my bags and they were both heavy. I could never leave my baby because she was my responsibility, so I always had to carry her and at times it would slow me down at things. Especially while walking up the stairs I had to carry multiple heavy things, so I got even more tiring. My friends and family also had something to do with it. The first days my friends were more excited than I was they just wanted to carry her and play with her. But throughout the the week, they were so tired of even looking at her and they were just asking me when this project was gonna end. Also some of my friends and family were just laughing at me every time they saw me with her. There was some ups and downs to this project. For example my favorite thing about this project was writing the blogs, it let me express my felling and how I felt about my baby. But my least favorite things was holding the baby because it could get pretty tiring. And lastly the hardest thing about this project was trying to hold the baby's head. Every time I walk in the hallway someone will tell me her head was falling and her head looked wrong, so i always had to remember to hold her head. Overall I had fun with baby Athena and it made me realize how hard it was to raise a baby.