Friday Feedback - Friday the 13th!

Student Centered Classrooms...What does that really mean?

Critical Attributes of a Student-Centered Classroom

Critical attributes of the student-centered classroom include the following:

 Construction of learning

 Metacognition

 Educator/student partnership in learning

 Collaborative learning

 Meaningful assessment in real-world contexts

(Student Centered Classroom Brief, Iowa Core, 2015) - See the full "Brief" by clicking the link below

Upcoming dates -

What are you thankful for?

Monday 11/16 - MS Choir Concert - 7:00 pm in the gym

Tuesday 11/17 - MS Bball - 4:30

Thursday 11/19 - MS Bball - 4:30

Monday 11/23 - Career Day in Exploratory Classes

Tuesday 11/24 - Student Appreciation Day - 1:45 Dismissal Schedule (more details coming soon)

Wednesday 11/25-Friday 11/27 = Thanksgiving Break!


Someone left this article on kindness in my basket and I loved this quote -

"...kindness is one of the strongest characteristics a person can show because being mean is simply too easy" (Education Week Teacher, The School Kindness Project, 9/9/14)

It goes with the same theme of asking "Are You All Right?"