What's New in Room 17

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Halloween Fun!

Our parade and party day was so much fun! Thanks to all the moms and dads who helped make it truly memorable for the kiddos!

Juggling is here!

Our students are practicing learning how to juggle in gym class! This is a wonderful activity to develop eye hand coordination and focus! Trust me, in room 17, we could ALL benefit from that ( me included!) Studies show it actually promotes brain growth! We are so fortunate to have this time 2x a week before we dive into our reading block for the day!

The Devices are Here!

We have been working hard becoming proficient using our new devices and their programs! Parents, please ask your child to demonstrate Boardbuilder on Discovery Education, searching on Discovery Education, Wixie, Dreambox, and Pearson/ Envision. The students have been incredibly receptive to these programs as we learn new ways to extend and enrich our learning. It is truly remarkable to be on the forefront of this change in the classroom!
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ELA Unit 2: Stories That Teach

Our new ELA unit is called Stories That Teach. It involves fables, myths, folktales, and fairy tales. This unit is a wonderful unit that provides rich text, analysis of character traits and morals, all in colorful settings! It is quite a leap for some children to move from literal interpretation to more broader meanings. In fact, last weekend while grading papers I had to chuckle: when asked to put the moral of the story " The Shepherd Who Cried Wolf" into their own words , one student wrote " Don't lie or else you will lose all your sheep!" Words to live by! ;-)
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For those students who want to learn a cool trick to help multiplying 11 with numbers great than 9!

Click the video below!
11 times trick (for numbers greater than 9)- multiplication math song