Auschwitz- Birkenau

By: Emma McGuire and Corbin Muse

About the Camp

Auschwitz was a Nazi death camp located near Cracow, Poland. It was made in October 1941 to try to eliminate all of the Jews, gypsies, children and handy-cap. The Nazis wanted to exterminate of Jews for racial and biological reasons. The people were killed or tortured by the Nazis. It was sometimes called the Nazi Killing Machine.

Liberation of Auschwitz?

It was liberated and evacuated in January 27,1945. The Soviet soldiers were the first to liberate from Auschwitz in 1944 followed by the sick and exhausted prisoners. The American, British, Canadian, and French troops also helped free prisoners from the camp.

Lasting effects of Auschwitz?

People who were imprisoned at Auschwitz were haunted by their experiences staying at the camp. Most people died, but the ones still living were called "walking skeletons".