Petroleum Engineer

Jessica Lester-Banks Period 7/8

What they do:

Petroleum Engineers find/make equipment to find and get the most out of oil and coal locations.

  • Design machines to get and oil and coal in the least expensive way possible
  • Figure out the best method for getting the most out of each fuel location
  • Makes sure the area itself is safe and ready to be used
  • Able to use high tech equipment for drilling/fracturing
  • Makes sure the machinery is up, running, and in good shape constantly


  • Must be able to make very detailed and complex plans for drilling
  • Be quick and expect/ready if something does go wrong
  • Be good at mathematics
  • Able to work as a team with a variety of people

Job Growth and Salary

An increase of 17% more Engineers will be called for during 2010-2020.

They make around $114,080 on average.

Schools who have the degree

Illinois Institute of Technology

University of Missouri, Rolla

My dream

I'm still not sure myself, so I'm fine with any location that might hire me.