Healthy Eating on a Budget

Eating healthy doesn't have to break the bank


Tip #1 - Shop the sales

This one is big for us! Yes, almost every week we shop based on the sales. I look at the printed ad from the store (we shop at Harris Teeter) or I look at my favorite deal site for grocery stores - I circle or click on the good deals that we would like to have and then plan our meals based on those. Pork tenderloin on sale for Buy One Get One? We will be having pork that week! Fresh berries for Buy Two Get Three free? We will gladly devour some delicious berries as our family loves them! Freezer veggie packs 10/$8? We will stock our freezer so we have healthy and quick foods ready to go when needed. By spending an hour each weekend looking at the sales and making a meal plan and list, you will buy just what you need to eat for the week.

Tip #2 - Plan your meals and make a list

I typically plan a week's worth of meals each weekend. I make a list in the order of where the items are located in the store (generally) so the trip to the store is as quick as possible. With a list, I am less likely to stray and make impulse purchases. We are also less likely to end up with wasted food at the end of the week since we have already planned out what we need. I will generally plan for one less meal as we tend to have extra leftovers or something comes up where we don't need one of our meals.

Healthy Recipes


Reduce extra calories & salt by adding spices or herbs (fresh or dry) to foods. This is a great way to add flavor without adding extra or unhealthy calories. Seasonings are also very easy to create on your own using spices you already have on hand. This was a Cajun seasoning I made recently after discovering I had everything I needed at home!

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