Woman's rights and discrimination

How Women's Rights and discrimination still effect us Today

How discrimination has shaped our country through the years:

Discrimination is the past was mostly targeted towards blacks. Going by the phrase "separate but equal" which basically segregated the whites and the blacks. For example, restaurants would only serve whites, even some water fountains for whites only and others blacks only. Also at a baseball game they weren't allowed to enter the same part of the stadium, or even sit in the same sections. Also in school it was illegal for blacks and whites to mix wish each other. And back to the phrase "separate but equal" the schools that the white kids went to where much nicer with more supplies, cleaner building, and more staff. Opposed to the blacks who went to run down schools with barely enough supplies to scrape by.

Discrimination against gays in the workplace

In 32 out of 50 states you have be fired from your job just for being a homosexual. Not just that, in the same 32 states their landlords can evict them, denied credit, excluded from a jury, And can be denied restaurant and hotel services. Although they just won the rights to gay marriage these are some of the things still standing in our way as a society.

Discrimination in the world currently

While the woman in America protest about equal wages in the work place, woman in the Middle East get stoned for being raped because they're "indecent." This is the reality that we have refused to face years. The fact that the women in America have it so much better than they think. Women in the Middle East aren't even allowed to speak unless spoken too, they aren't supposed to make noise. All they are meant for is bearing a boy and to take care of the children, and cook. They don't have jobs to fight for equal wages.

The judgement of others

We judge others so absently minded now days and we never know why. What people don't know is that when you judge others it has more to do with yourself than them at all. For example if you call someone obnoxious or a show off you aren't talking about them as much as yourself. Because you could maybe you wouldn't feel comfortable in that situation yourself so why should someone else do it? Also it may be that you have something going on in your life and you see something that you would consider gosh.

A major event in the woman's rights movement

One of the most historic women of all time was by far Amelia Earhart. She was a role model to all of the young girls across America. She helped encourage the woman to be more involved in sports becuase of Amelia's show on how, if a man can do it, why can't a woman? Being the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean in1932. Also, in 1935, she was one of few of the time to fly from Hawaii to the cost of California in one trip. Basicly she was a big chunk of coal in the woman's rights movement.

Men being held higher than woman in the work place

In the work place Men are defiantly held at a higher stand point. Because when you picture a boss you almost never picture a woman but instead an old man. For example, many people assume a female incompident in the work place until proven otherwise. Also, a 2015 study showed that when working as partners to finish a project it is more likely assumed that the male did most of the work evan if the woman did do the bulk. Another example, is that when men are given a raise it is more likely to be on their potential verses their performance. While the woman get the complete opposite, their promotions usually are based on their performance opposed to their potential.

How Women are Being Treated Differently than Men in China

China is one of the very few countries withe a one child birth policy. This act in the past few decades have made girls less desirable to have, because woman aren't considered as smart. They aren't consisered strong, and they don't want a girl, they want someone who can keep the family name. Also due to this need for a boy families have been abandoning their infants to have a boy. the birth rate of boys vs. girls has skyrocketed in the past few years. There are 118 males born per 100 females. This is less than what it was in 2010 which was 125 male births per 100 female births. The country has been trying to eliminate this gap by offering better jobs and schooling for woman so that they can live up to expectations and bring down the difference in birth rates.

The World's Symbol for all of the Woman's Rights Activist

Malala Yousafzai is one of the world's youngest woman's rights activist, and the youngest person to ever be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014 and nominated in 2013. She has been speaking out against the Taliban and saying how girls have a right to education. She was shot in the head by a Taliban gunman on her way home from school, she survived and kept speaking out against them. Malala went to a school founded by her father, when she heard that theTaliban were shutting down girl's schools Malala gave a speech called "How dare the Taliban take away my basic right to education?" She then started to blog and speak out against the Taliban and to keep her identity a secret she make her name Gul Makai. She later that year told BBC her real name.

Connections between discrimination and woman’s rights to the characters and events of "Make Lemonade"

Discrimination plays a huge role in the book Make Lemonade, for example nobody has wanted to help Jolly at all until LaVaughn came along. Everyone just thought she was just gonna be a nobody, they judged her too quickly for that. Then again she had two kids and she wasn't even able to vote yet. Also she was harrassed by her boss at the factory. If she had harassed a male coworker the male wouldn't have been fired but when it happened to her she was the one who got canned. Another thing to mention is where are the guys who got her pregnant in the first place? Isn't hers as well as the baby's rights to have a father? Also, LaVaughn's mom was very quick to judge and discriminate against Jolly just for her age and the appearance of her home.

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