Ethiopia Eritrea

Ajay Prabhu, Kaushik Nadimpalli, Venki Padala, Sajani Raja


The major conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea which later arose more conflicts within these two countries. The conflict between these 2 countries is a result of different attributes and opinions of ethnicity and these two countries choose to be part of different ethnicities.

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What lies at the root of this Conflict?

Ethiopia was an independent country for over 2000 years until Italy captured it in the 1930's. Eritrea became an Italian colony in 1890. After World War II, Ethiopia regained its independence. However Eritrea became part of Ethiopia. The conflict began when Ethiopia banned Eritrea's major language, Tigrinya. The Eritreans then rebelled.

What form does this conflict take?

A civil war broke out between the two ethnic groups and after a 30 year war Eritrea defeated the Ethiopian army. In 1993, two years after the war was over, Eritrea became its own independent state.

What is the spatial extent of this conflict?

It was located at the border of Eritrea/Ethiopia and Somalia. It started because Ethiopia banned Eritrean legislature and language. After the 30 year war ended with victory going to Eritrea, another war flared up due to border and land disputes. This way ended in only two years with Ethiopia took possession of the disputed land.
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How long has there been tension or conflict?

The conflict between these two countries has formed from the early twentieth century. Both countries were used to be part of the Italian Colony before either of them gained independence. Ethiopia first got its independence and then Eritrea did. However they fought one and another for a long time and fighting might even break out in the future.

How has this conflict been manifested?

This conflict began when Eritrea was given to Ethiopia. The United Nations believed at the time that Ethiopia would allow Eritrea to run its self without interrupting Ethiopia. However when Ethiopia banned the major language and legislature a 30 year war broke out between the two groups. Later, Eritrea got its independence from Ethiopia. However, wars broke out between these 2 countries as time went on and there may be wars within these countries that might affect other countries later in the future.

How many have been affected? In what ways?

There were more than 700000 refugees that fled from the country of Eritrea during the civil war period. There were also about 70000 people who died in war. Before Eritrea got its independence, it was part of Ethiopia so the people of Eritrea had a tough time living. Many lost homes during the wars that took place and there were thousands of refugees who fled to other countries like USA.
Ethiopia-Eritrean War