blue whale

By: Erich Mayne

cause of extinction

somthing many people may not know is that blue whales and multiple different kinds of whales are endangered because of over hunting in the eraly 20th century when over 360,000 blue whales were killed becaues of their oil.


blue whales go to every ocean they can but like it the most of the coast of hawii and alaska for mateing and eating.

Physical Adaptations

Large size: this adaptation has a negative affect on the blue whale because the amount of food they must consume.

Fins: this adaptation has a positive affect because it helps them swim and they can also be used as a self defense weapon.

Behavioral Adaptations

Travel in pods: this adaptation has a positive affect because the have no means of protecting them selfs so if one of them gets attacked the rest can get away

Feeding habits: this adaptation has a negative affects because the amount the consume causes them to move a lot and a long time to eat.

Population impact

Introducing the blue whale to would cause the population of plankton would substantially decrease and the fish population to increase.