The Palace of Versailles

Devereux Evans

What is the Palace of Versailles?

The palace of Versailles, also know simply as Versailles is a vast palace spanning many acres and contains beautiful architecture as well as vast courtyards and well maintained gardens. Versailles was the housing of the former King Louis XIV, who led the French Empire in 1783.

Location: The absolute location of Versailles is 46.804404 Degrees North and 2.123162 Degrees East. The relative location of the palace of Versailles is located in the Versailles provInce of France in central France.

Place: The area where the palace is located is in an upper scale region of France. This area is know for its decorations as well as its vast gardens. The place is similar to a metropolitan area and does not have exotic plants. The area has people who manage the grounds but no individual lives in the palace anymore. Overall, the palace which is located in the center of the Versailles district is a massive structure that attracts many tourists.

Human Environment Interaction: Versailles has a series of large gardens and elaborately decorated gardens which are frivolously maintained by the ground keepers of the palace. The gardens are meticulously maintained and this is the way in which the palace of versailles is interacting with the environment, through the managed hedges which make the palace so notorious.

Movement: The palace of Versailles has many cobblestone roads that lead into the palace's main courtyard. Then on the outside of the palace are many walkways through the various courtyard which move the tourists from one place to another.

Region: Overall, the region in which the palace is located is the wealthy province of Versailles and this district is located in France. Then otherwise, France is located in northern Europe.