The world we live in

Susan Beth Pfeffer

About Susan Beth Peter

Susan also wrote:

The dead and the gone

Life as we knew it

and The shade of the blood moon.


The setting in ,This world we live in, is a pre-apocalyptic world with houses burnt to a crisp, no signs of life anywhere besides her own running family, and death at every corner.


The story starts off with a 15 year old girl , Miranda , struggling to survive with 1 meal per day and getting less. At first, she must survive with her mom, her two brothers, and herself. Although later her dad comes home with a new baby and 4 others. Together, they must survive with little to no food and little supplies. And more problems to come.


The characters include Hal (the dad), Mary (the mom), Lisa, Gabriel (the baby), Alex, Julie, Jon, Matt, Charlie, and the main character , Miranda.
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