KidSpring Connections

April 26 , 2015

Every Number Has a Name, Every Name Has a Story, and Every Story Matters to God!

This Sunday we saw:

  • 995 Kids
  • 29 First Timers
  • 250 Volunteers
  • 1 KidSpring Salvation!!!

Lynnea was just 1 of our 995 kids this past Sunday, and for her, everything changed! She had been asking a lot of questions about salvations & her parents wanted her to talk to her small group leader about it. Ashley, her small group leader, got to sit down with Lynnea and her parents and lead Lynnea to Jesus! Her life will never be the same!

Every baby you hold, every kid you check in, every bible story you read, every relationship you make is never in vain. Every single one of these things (and so many other things you do) build a foundation that prepares the hearts of kids to love Jesus and follow Him for the rest of their lives!

New Volunteers To Welcome to the KidSpring Team This Week!

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Volunteer of the Week: TESSA PORTER

Tessa Porter is our KidSpring Volunteer of the Week! Tessa serves with 2 year olds and goes out of her way to make sure that every single kid in her room feels loved & valued! She also cares for other volunteers in her room! We're so thankful for how shows Jesus to these kids every single week!

This Week in KidSpring


Song: We are Royalty

CWD PS We Are Royalty

Bible Story: Elijah and King Ahab

Password: kidspring


Song: Royalty


Bible Story: The Bad Queen

Password: kidspring