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This job is more stressful because it is fast paced work. The job is usually performed during normal business hours.

The logistician analyzes and organizes the supplies. They manage this process by moving the product to consumer and they distribute, allocate, and deliver.

This position requires a bachelor's degree. An associate degree will be accepted for some jobs. Logistician must have certification and a logistics degree.

Pay and Job Outlook

Median Pay: $72,780 per year

Level of Education : Bachelor's Degree (Require most jobs)

Associate's Degree (some job accept)

The employment grew 22 percent from 2012-2022


Critical-thinking skills - must develop, adjust, and successfully for the logistical plans and they must find the cost in order to reduce the price.

Communication skills - logistician must have the strong communication in order to collaborate with other colleagues and the customers.

Organization skills - must able to keep detailed record and manage the several projects in fast paced.

Problem-Solving Skills - the logistician use this skills to see the delivery problem and adjust the plan if issues to resolve it

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